Minecraft 1.9

  • 1.9 HD U B1
    Change Log :
    • fixed memory usage with AF and AA
    • fixed single-core chunk loading
    • enabled simple spectral effect when Fast Render, Antialiasing or Shaders are active
    • fixed chunk loading when changing dimensions
    • removed all Mojang content from final JAR
    • added support for class patches
    • updated to Minecraft 1.9
    • compatible with Forge #1797
  • 1.9.2 HD U B2
    Change Log :
    • fixed block shading with Forge
    • added build number
    • fixed loading of world resource packs with Forge
    • fixed connected textures for rotated logs
    • added option "shadowTranslucent=true|false" to "shaders.properties" - disables translucent blocks in shadow pass
    • optimized memory allocation
    • updated Forge compatibility, not backwards compatible
    • fixed Natural Textures for snow layer sides
    • added Better Grass for grass paths, snowy podzol and snowy mycelium
    • added Better Grass configuration (per block, textures)
    • fixed ForgeHooksClient.onDrawBlockHighlight
    • fixed off hand rendering with shaders
    • added shader uniforms "heldItemId2" and "heldBlockLightValue2"
    • added shader option Old Hand Light for backward compatibility with shaders packs supporting only main hand light
    • added option "oldHandLight=true|false" in "shaders.properties"
    • compatible with Forge #1863
  • 1.9.2 HD U B3
    Change Log :
    • added folder selection in installer
    • fixed "#include" for vertex shaders
    • added custom textures for elytra, use "type=elytra" in the CIT properties
    • added option "Details -> Dynamic FOV" - enables or disables the FOV change when flying or sprinting
    • skip classloader injection when loaded in a Forge server
    • added "offsetBold" in font properties (assets/minecraft/textures/font/ascii.properties), default is 1.0 for 16x and 0.5 for 32x and above
    • updated CTM for rotated pillars (wood, quartz) to allow properties to select rotated variants
    • fixed rotated logs with Fancy CTM
  • 1.9.4 HD U B4
    Change Log :
    • updated to Minecraft 1.9.4
    • compatible with Forge #1909
  • 1.9.4 HD U B5
    Change Log :
    • fixed custom sheep colors
    • fixed dynamic lights: blaze rod, blaze powder, glowstone dust, prismarine crystals, magma cream, spectator mode, tnt, creeper
    • fixed unicode font rendering with HD resource packs
    • added shaders option dynamicHandLight - can be used to disable the dynamic hand light if the shader implements its own hand light
    • added option Details -> Alternate Blocks
    • optimized chunk updates
    • added Dynamic Lights (off, fast, fancy)
    • fixed barrier particles performance
    • fixed barrier block in off hand to show barrier particles
    • fixed world border to use program gbuffers_textured_lit
    • fixed clouds to use program gbuffers_clouds
    • replaced shader uniforms entityHurt and entityFlash with entityColor (rgba)
    • fixed enchanted armor to use program gbuffers_armor_glint
    • added shader uniforms entityId and tileEntityId
    • removed Forge UV hack, fixed 3D item sides
    • updated shaders documentation
    • added shader suppot for more texture formats (signed normalized, integer, unsigned integer)
    • fixed shader uniform "entityHurt" to not affect other entities
    • compatible with Forge #1937
  • 1.9.4 HD U B6
    Change Log :
    • fixed PureBDCraft saplings in GUI, removed hack for plants, resource packs should use "symmetry=all" for flowers
    • fixed water block color from below
    • fixed chunk loading race condition
    • fixed connected textures for glass panes to affect only sides (keep top and bottom textures)
    • fixed VSync to be loaded correctly
    • fixed custom animations to check for invalid coordinates
    • fixed rendering of water next to slabs, farmland, grass path, beacon and slime blocks
    • fixed natural textures for grass_path_side
    • fixed side of connected glass panes
    • added shader option "underwaterOverlay"
    • fixed F3+R to reload shader properties
    • compatible with Forge #1987